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The Thirteenth Floor is a PlayStation 1 inspired first person horror experience, take control of the unsuspecting protagonist as you guide him through the thirteenth floor of the Underlook Hotel to discover what horrific events unfolded there.

Taking inspiration from the classic horror games of the time Resident Evil and Silent Hill, find your way around the hotel and gather clues to progress through the rooms and expand your knowledge of events, just be warned... You are not alone.

Average completion time for this demo is approximately 15 minutes, I'm hoping to get some good feedback and criticisms from this demo to help shape a full game in this style. If you have any opinions on this then please drop a comment below and let me know!

  • Authentic PS1 style
  • Smooth first person controls
  • Bone chilling atmosphere
  • Horror around every turn
  • Randomised codes each playthrough


Movement - W, A, S, D
Look - Mouse
Jump - Space
Sprint - Left Shift
Crouch - Left Control/CMD
Interact - LMB
Code List - Tab

I'd really like your feedback in this short project as I'd like to mould a full length title in this style around what you guys think. Any feedback, good or constructive, people drop in the comments below, and if you play this game on stream then definitely drop your links! I'd love to watch!


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this is just great ! 

Loved How The Design of this game was! I recorded a video to it too which you should check out! Keep up the good work!

J'ai adoré !

The best horror game I played so far, keep it up!

I loved this!

i had a pretty good time with this one, over all i give it a 7 out of 10 go check it out! some really good scares and good mechanics, and if you like the video plz sub it means alot. huge shout out to the dev this one was great 

I love PS1-styled horror games, and this game is added to my list of favorite PS1-styled horror games to play! First of all, I love all the references, especially the RE references! I did find a little thing about room 1302. The large dresser that is in the bathroom can be accessed from the outside wall of the bathroom, so you can open the dresser door from outside the room and it clips through the wall. I liked the plot! The ending jumpscare kind of clipped through the camera a bit, but it was still unexpected! I'll put the link to this game in a Discord server for creators that I am in! Thanks for making this! 
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I had a great time with this, super well polished.

I had the hardest time finding notes and keycards for some reason, but the game still managed to keep me entertained.

Here is my playthrough of the game if you would like to give it a watch :)

PS1 horror games are my jam.

Honestly a great game. Maybe needs a little work on that ending jumpscare tho lol. But other than that it's really well made!

GREAAAT demo! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the full game!

Great game!! I like your game


As a big lover of horror, this game had me tense! The sound design was well done and the PlayStation 1 aesthetic induced a nostalgic fear reminiscent of  the late 90's! I did have to restart once because the janitor door pushed me out of bounds through the wall. Other than that this was a fun experience! ~ Here's my play through ^^

Hey there, I recently played your game in this 3 Spooky Games video and your game is the only one I actually liked lol. It took me a bit of time to find things but I eventually found them (Also, I saw your behind the scenes of that game and I've also seen your tutorials too. Pretty good!)

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Easter Eggs that you can find:

1. When you turn on the TV then Markplier is playing

2. Markplier Jumpscare

3. The guy you recognize on that statue is Leon from Resident Evil!

Scary stuff :) M1 Gameplay

Hi, can you make it available for Linux, please? Would love to test it, mate. Thank you


The game was pretty nice, I enjoyed it with my friends on my stream, if you want to check it out here it is, all fun and goofs!

This is exactly the way I imagined old PSX resident evils to play like if they were done as first person. Really awesome gameplay, loved the aesthetics and would love to see this become a full length project! Good work!!
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If you jump rapidly, you can slowly push the camera through the floor.

As in completely through the floor into the void below or where it looks like you’re crouching for a second then you return to standing again?

Completely through the floor into the void below

A Scary Experience With Some humour 


good job devs! 

È stato bello inquietante da giocare. Complimenti.

heyyy holaaa ¡¡¡ es un gusto , mi nombre es brian y tengo un canal de juegos de terror , le hice un gameplay a tu juego y en mi video lo traduje al español , espero que te guste mucho ¡¡¡¡¡ 

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Just played this game and I enjoyed it! I personally think it's better than a bunch of others that I've played before. A more full length title built like this would be awesome imo. I'm not sure exactly how you'd expand the experience though, add more puzzles I guess? Regardless awesome job! Here's my experience if you're interested. Thank you for making it! 

I didn't finish but it was a fun game. Little girl scared me a few times. The camera is a little slow for my preference but not a complaint.

I have a video on the way but it ended a bit abruptly when I got stuck in a wall. I closed a door and it pushed me through...

That was spooky. The markiplier jumpscare got me. I did not expect that from this game lololol. 

I'm lost while playing the game 'coz I got a key but I don't know where it is for. but then when I edited the vid I was like "Oh that was the key is for." Gotta play this game again.

p.s game starts at 20:06

【The Thirteenth Floor 第十三层楼】十三層樓的詭異事件是怎麼回事。

처음부터 끝까지 긴장감 있는 게임으로 재미있었습니다.

좋은 게임 감사합니다.

I legitimately enjoyed this. I'd love to see the story fleshed out more, help explain why everything is happening, why it's there, etc. But I'm invested. If you make the full game let me know!

The game didn't get any scares out of me, but I enjoyed it.

Good game I rate this is as 3/5 stars (minimum)

This is a list of thoughts of your game:

The Good Side:

  • I like how the player first starts out by seeing markiplier on the tv and that made me laugh or at least in my perspective
  • I say this game does well match up with the PS1 graphics almost looking like the real PS1 game. although the controls are a bit off from other PS1 game controls
  • I like how it's a puzzle and searching game by walking back and forth with colleting items and codes by unlocking rooms and others
  • I like the creepy dialogue that come now and then and the sound effects are good but I think that you could put a little bit more sound effects

The Bad Side:

  • I said that this is too easy and can be beaten within like 15 minutes
  • The closet doors can get you stuck forcing you to restart
  • You can get stuck on the table in the janitor room
  • If you crouch under the table in the janitor room, you can see 2 objects that has been stored under the table. You could've stored them below or above the map. (These 2 objects are a phone and a fire extinguisher I think)
  • What was the point of the security camera room other then to get the code for the room. I just saw no use of the security camera room if you can't interact to it.
  • I wouldn't think that putting the genre as survival because you can't die until the ending, more as putting it as puzzle as going back and forth and nothing chasing you or at least in my opinion.
  • What was the point adding a zoom option, because I saw no point using the zoom option if you can just walk up to it.
  • I didn't get to unlock all the rooms or at least 2 of the rooms or if they don't serve as a purpose just there in my playthrough.
  • In the janitor room on the table by jumping on the broom a couple of try's you can see the black void outside the map.
  • In my opinion you should put in the "More information" putting Average session about 20 minutes or about a half-hour

Good game! What I've appreciated is that I could play with arrows as I've an AZERTY keyboard! However, I'm kinda lost: is this the full game or only a demo?

This is the finished product, it was intended as a bit of practice in this style more than anything. I’m currently working on a larger project in this PS1 aesthetic which should have a demo out in May hopefully

Count me in for the demo of the other game then. I really liked the concept.

Such a great game with such an amazing retro feel! Loved every minute of it! 

I love it! It was a lot of fun to play! Sometimes I was a little lost, but once you discover what to do everything is like "Dhu, it was obvious :P"

i love these style of games

very good game i liked it

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This Game Actually Had me on Edge, Nice Little Horror Game From Comp-3 Interactive!

Really loved it. Amazing graphics and gameplay. The sound of the whole game is insane good. Really worth playing it!

I really enjoyed this game! The gameplay was smooth and the atmosphere was creepy. I enjoyed the sense of humor dev with all the books around. Reaction below.

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