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Welcome to the Modular PSX Architecture Pack!

Feel free to take a walk around a demo scene made entirely using this PSX Architecture Pack right here to ensure you're happy with the quality before buying:


This pack contains over 100 unique modular object meshes for use in modular building of game environments. The assets are scaled to (somewhat) true to life scale.

The core scale factor is 1.5 meters

Many of the assets are also available as a 3x3 meter, 3x1.5 and 1.5x1.5 meter variants

A Unity Package is included in the download with all assets prefabbed and ready to use!!

This pack is primarily an architecture pack but I have also provided a few props to help you get your levels feeling populated very quickly.

The architecture assets are extremely easy to customise with your own textures, simply create a 256x256 texture and material and assign it to the mesh... As simple as that! Just make sure to use seamless textures!


  • 3 Floor variants
  • 4 Wall variants
  • 2 Ceiling variants
  • 6 doors sharing 3 textures
  • 2 glass variants (opaque and transparent)
  • All props are textured with custom textures
  • Lights come with emission maps


  • Walls (Including angled)
  • Walls - Doorway
  • Walls - Archways
  • Floors
  • Floors with hatch hole
  • Ceilings (Including sloped variants)
  • Ceilings with hatch hole
  • Fireplace wall
  • 8 large window variants
  • 8 smaller window variants
  • Bay window
  • Window frames for all window sizes
  • Glass
  • Full length stairs (Wide and narrow)
  • Half length stairs (Wide and narrow)
  • Pillars / wall dividers
  • Door frame
  • 6 Door variants with animatable handles
  • Hatch (Animatable)
  • 2 Rugs
  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Radiator
  • 2 Light fixtures
  • Bedside table (Animatable drawer)
  • Chest of drawers (Animatable drawers)
  • Wardrobe (Animatable doors)
  • Bookshelf
  • Fire surround
  • Dining table
  • Dining chair
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AuthorComp-3 Interactive
Tags3D, architecture, Asset Pack, Horror, Low-poly, Modular, playstation, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Retro


Get this Asset Pack and 2 more for £9.99 GBP
View bundle
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Architecture Kit 19 MB


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I want to buy this pack but I only see paypal as an option. Can you please add buy with card option as well?

Hey could you export the items separately as obj files?
Otherwise it's really annoying to import them into the godot

This pack is great I just wish the pivots were placed properly. It's a hassle using this in Unreal because the pivots are all over the place for the props

How do I use this pack? I cannot find a way to start using it? I imported into my project but it doesnt do anything

(1 edit)

One of the models has it's mesh inverted.  In the sewer pack.

"Corridoer_Arched_Entry" Is inside out. Would it be possible to fix this or help me fix it.

Can I use this in godot?

The models themselves be compatible, they’re just standard FBX files. But you won’t have access to the demo scene or prefabs as they’re unity specific

Commenting here as I'm a bit confused; I only see a single FBX that has all the models in it; is there somewhere that has separate FBX files per model?

It’s a single parent FBX to keep them grouped and share import settings but all the objects are separate as children inside of that. There’s a Unity Package included with all the objects separated and prefabbed. If you aren’t using Unity then you’ll need to set up the objects in whatever engine you’re using yourself

How could I export them as separate glb/gltf files?
Im using this Construct 3 3DObject Plugin by kindeyegames (

Very high quality assets, everything is well organized and presented. One minor nitpick is that some textures have half pixels on some edges/corners.

For the price, this is an excellent time saver.

(1 edit)

Howdy, I am very interested in the textures which fit perfectly into what I'm making. Can everything here be used for commercial projects? As that would would be my intention if I purchased, to be used in a game.


Hi. Thanks for the interest. Yes everything included can be used in commercial projects


Is there a more efficient way of placing down walls & ceilings/floors?  I realize it's for performance purposes that only 1 side renders, but is this the only way to do things?

Thanks, and I appreciate this pack.


You could create a prefab with two walls facing the opposite direction to have one with both sides


true!  Kinda thought of that as soon as I hit post... Lmfao.  Thank you, man 🤙

you can also use shaders that have backface culling options. i use psx effects for unity and it has that option. it lets you enable or disable double side rendering, but it might make lighting weird for the new side.


What’s the license on this?


CC0. Do what you want apart from reselling / reskin-resell

No attribution required

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Hey!! I bought this asset, and I would like to say that I loved it, also thanks for you first person controller on youtube :D However, i'm having issues using the global dust particles, what is the correct way to make it work? Also, another question, when I import the package all the prefabs become pink, as if unity is not finding the textures,  so I put it on manually, is that how it's suppose to be? Thanks a lot :D


Hey man. Thanks for buying. The global dust should just be a prefab you can drag in and the particles should just float about. I usually attach this to my player and keep the simulation space to World. That way I only need 1 prefab which follows the player around

As for the pink textures, that will be because I uses URP to create the pack. I assume you’re using the standard render pipeline? The pink is an unfound shader warning because the URP shaders are missing from your project. Unfortunately in that case you do need to manually set up your materials for the project, or upgrade the project to use URP