Fancy yourself as a bit of a word-smith? Then challenge yourself and see how well you do in Word Drop! ⬇️

The aim of the game is simple... You have 3 minutes to find as many words as possible! Every letter has an individual score value which accumulate to a total word score, the higher the score, the better you do!

Just make sure you keep an eye out for the hourglass icon ⏳, tiles with this icon add 10 seconds to your round timer making it perfect to achieve higher scores!

Finally we have tile multipliers! These are easy to spot by their different colour, the multipliers in the game are:
Double Letter - DL - Doubles the value of that tile
Double Word - DW - Doubles the value of the entire word
Triple Letter - TL - Triples the value of that tile
Triple Word - TW - Triples the value of the entire word

These multipliers can be stacked! Use them strategically for <i><b>HUGE</b></i> score boosts!

✅ Over 370,000 words to choose from 🔠
✅ Super quick loading times ⏳
✅ Stat tracking for things such as you best overall score, your best individual word score, your longest word and more! 📝
✅ Entirely offline, no internet connection required!
✅ Beautiful colours and UI 🟪
✅ Challenging and rewarding 🏆
✅ Build your vocabulary 💡
✅ Hours of fun 🤪

Don't just take our word for it, check out the user feedback below!
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"This is really fun" - Some guy on Facebook
"It's not actually that bad" - My Dad
"How do you spell 'Dolphin' again?" - My Mum
"Are you still on that laptop?!?" - My Girlfriend

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Release date Aug 12, 2020
AuthorComp-3 Interactive
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, dictionary, easy, search, simple, Unity, word, word-search
Average sessionA few minutes

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This is really cool. I love games like this. I found it from his Youtube channel. The colours are easy on the eyes, the music's nice, and I'm already addicted. Cutest little sound effects 😆 Hope to see more games from this developer!

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