Entry for GB Jam 8

You are Derek, Derek is a man, Derek is trapped in and endless dungeon... Find the key, open the exit, go to the next floor, battle enemies and please vote for me :D 

W A S D - Movement

Find the key in each dungeon to open the exit


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Dope! I didnt expect the battle system. Nice suprise. Art is great, everything reads as it should. Nice Work

I really enjoyed this! Gave up on floor 61 with about 30 potions left. Would love to see it expanded into a full game :)

Yeah I’d really like to come back to this and make it a completed game. I decided to make it endless but didn’t add any reason to continue playing, which is kind of a major drawback😂


The graphic is wonderful for a jam. Love it


First video on this game, I believe. And I liked it!


First video on the game and also the first playthrough video of a game I’ve made! 😂 Thanks man. You might have also found some bugs I need to fix too!


best 2d tilemap game ever.. Thanks for creating such an wonderfull game.. love the game infact!!!


the game is good !! the combat is fun !! its pretty good 

if you want you can check my game


thank you!!!!


Gave up on floor 37.  Didn't seem to have an end.  Game is fun enough; the incentive to avoid combat and get treasure reminds me of old-school d&d.


Interesting but sadly I didn't find it to actually be very fun. Though I did like the art style and sound effects.

In the end I think the reason I didn't find to be very fun is because the kind of games I like are more sandbox style, or games where you can interact/change literally everything such as in Dwarf Fortress.

Now I know you can't really change that but an idea might be to add armor you can find, or weapons that would add to your dice roll. You don't even need an inventory system, you could make it so that whenever you stand over an item it picks it up replacing the old one that you had equipped.

Thanks for your feedback man. Yeah I had all sorts of wonderful ideas for the game but sadly I just don’t have time to implement them all. I did have fun making this kind of game though so I’m going to refer to this as more of a “proof of concept” and build it into an actual game over time

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I forgot to say this but, While playing the game I couldn't actually see the top of the screen without scrolling up (it was only about an inch, so on my screen it wasn't much) so it'd be nice if you could do full screen, and if you decided not to do it because of their being black bars on the side of the screen, well I personally don't care weather or not theres black bars.

Also I'd rate your game but it says I have to join the jam to rate it and I'm already working on a game and don't have time for the jam, but I did rate it outside of the jam :), I did 4 stars but wanted to do 4.5

i really like the combat system! it fits the whole thing so well, it would be cool if it was fleshed out even more :)

Thanks man! Yeah I hope to revisit this at some point after the Jam ends. Or even use the overall idea to make a more complete game.

Really really enjoyed the game. Very fun to play. Great job

Thanks man