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A nice sad ghost story! I love it! And the music at the end wow amazing

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What a Story! I am impressed.

This is not scary but sad.

Still have a question, What about the book The Keeper 2: Deja Vu?

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Not very horror but very sad


the end really got to me,great story!!

The story's sad but it's still a very great game.

good short game and good voice acting.

Un juego interesante, con una historia muy profunda y un buen desenlace. quizás me hubiera gustado ahondar más en el trasfondo es buen juego.

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I was not expecting this at all. Phenomenal.

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buen juego y mucha historia eso es lo q me gusta

Sad story, nice game!!

It was a sad game but not a horror game even though it was a nice game

Quite Creepy and Mysterious , I would Recommend this game; I completed it and recorded it: Channel:

Ебучий рот этого ps1 блять... В данном случае смело могу заявить, что автор переборщил с пиксилизацией, из за чего вся игра будто зацензурена

game was sad and very touching ,i liked doesn't 

overplay its hand  

definitely put me on edge

very nice game 😍😍

O final me surpreendeu, apesar de ser um  jogo curto. 

This was so good

Great game. I like the graphics and plot.

This game was amazing! 

Very Nice game! I would love to see more of this!

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

This game was amazing and I loved the ending. No spoilers, but I love it.

The story was awesome. The main characters voice made me crack up in the beginning. Love how you turn asimple PSX style horror game into a game thats driven deep into plot with how short it is. Great job! 

WOW! the game was sick. love the story and graphics. keep going!!! :)

The dresser pushed me through the wall and I got outside of the map. Cool game though

Really fun game. Very enjoyable and thought provoking.  It was a really interesting concept.  I would add a sound to the clock going off when you first enter the house to help people find the pendulum.  

The music at the end is copyrighted so they will claim the monetization to your video if you do not mute it.  Just a heads up.

Great and sad game. Let's hope Cohen is staying strong.

So sorry. I love my wife and my two little children Ida and Altfrid, want to shield them. This game got me...

More to this game tomorrow - but one of the impressing games I have played so far

Nice game, more sad than scary.

A beautiful story


Quite Creepy and Mysterious , I would Recommend this game; I completed it and recorded it: Video:

Please make the soundtrack available somewhere, I love the piano song at the end!

I can't believe this game is out for free. It was great!

I really enjoyed this. Big thanks to all those involved.
Great storyline, I liked the graphics and wow, that ending. That was something else.

Good luck Devs/Team and all those involed


This is such a great game. Very good story. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go cry

I came expecting to get scared, I left trying not to cry...  great game! Gameplay starts at 08:27

What an all-around beautiful game! The story was really good and made me quite emotional haha. I had a lot of fun trying to guess what was really happening as I progressed through the game.

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