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Jogo muito bonito com um triste final sobre uma família que morava em um farol solitário..

Gameplay não comentado!

I really enjoyed this game.

Hey Awesome game!! I really like games in this style, by the way I was very surprised with the ending I didn't expect that, you did a great job.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

yet another great PS1 horror game really enjoyed had a really cool story

very good game and the story very tragic 

Game was good didn't expect the ending ( balls )

Nice game with a sad story

My playthrough of your game

Petit jeu incroyable ! Histoire super triste , je ne m'y attendais pas ...

En esperant avoir d autres jeux dans ce style :]

Merci !

the end really got to me,great story Loved it!!

This was a great game with a really great story. Only criticism i have is voice acting is a little weak and it can improvised.

Great story and good play. I enjoyed it. Keep it up!


⚠️Kinda spoilers ahead ig⚠️

I feel so bad for the family and the fact that it was implied that the dad and his daugher commited su1cid3 is awful. I'm not kidding, that was amazing.

Spoilers over 👍 And I hope some of yall can understand the reference I put in my title


This is absolutely superb! :-)


Such a lovely game :) It was different from what I was expecting but in a surprisingly good way.


Loved The Game And Hits Close To Home For Me Keep Up The Good Work 

what a twist nice game


Amazing game!!..It was  different than i was expecting but in a very good way,had some good scares in it as well.Very good job!

Awesome game. Got on the feel train... Thanks!

Hungarian playthrough / Magyar végigjátszás:

incredible game. fantastic job

I Apologize For Creating this Abomination Of A Video... Loved The Game A Pretty Good story although simple was a bit confused at the end but maybe I wasnt meant to understand it. Would Have loved for a bit more scares But keep up the good work !!!

Yeah, it was alright. Very simple story and its been told quite a few times already, but it was fine.

Very nice. Psychological horror maybe, not horror. Interactive Fiction maybe, not much puzzle.
But cool concept and perfect visuals.

Such a good game, really nice atmosphere and puzzles!

Awesome game!

great game

A nice sad ghost story! I love it! And the music at the end wow amazing

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What a Story! I am impressed.

This is not scary but sad.

Still have a question, What about the book The Keeper 2: Deja Vu?

Oh yeah I remember that. Perhaps it is a sequel to this game?

You mean, The Book?

Not very horror but very sad


The story's sad but it's still a very great game.

good short game and good voice acting.

Un juego interesante, con una historia muy profunda y un buen desenlace. quizás me hubiera gustado ahondar más en el trasfondo es buen juego.

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I was not expecting this at all. Phenomenal.

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buen juego y mucha historia eso es lo q me gusta

Sad story, nice game!!

It was a sad game but not a horror game even though it was a nice game

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