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i like it

This is just plain awesome dude. No doubt about it


This looks sweet! Though I've never touched Unity and know nothing of coding so me using this is a farfetched dream

That’s pretty good its bad for I dont making any project to use this I made sci-fi and fps Game

What is the license on this, seems really cool

I still need to learn all my licences… No idea what they all mean… But do whatever you want with it, no credit needed 😂

ok thanks :)

Super cool! I really need to find a project to work on to use these!


“The Night of the Killer Popup”

I’ll take 50% royalties 😂

Welp, looks like I've got inspiration for a Ren'py game.

Are Renpy games the interactive story ones?

Visual novel, but close enough.


Thanks man!