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Will you do a female version?


just increase the size of the bobs xD

i think you know which vertice to enlarge


Hey Mike! I would like to ask something. So, I'm planning on being a game dev, but, um, can you give me a tutorial or either unwrap a different way for the face. The face texture that's unwrapped is really hard to work with. It's  very complicated to me as a beginning game dev. Really trying to use this in my project, just please help me out on this!

you can recolor it so that it is better but anyway you have to just guess the faces


We used this awesome asset in our game jam game, Feedback Loop, and we love it. Thank you for sharing it!

This should be a good base for a modelling project, thankyou! I always had trouble unwrapping UVs. One question, is it rigged, or will I have to do that myself? no problem if so!

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Hey man. No it’s not rigged (yet). I do plan on getting a full rig in place for this but I just haven’t had time yet. You can always either use Blenders rigify or Mixamos auto rigger and then use the official Mixamo/Blender addon to create a rig from the skeleton Mixamo generates. The latter is my personal favourite because it allows you to import mixamo animations and tweak them to your liking

That's a good idea, thanks!


Any clothing and armor asset sets that fit well with this model?

I pity the fools!


Very good ! Thank you !

This is perfect. Thanks!


It's assets like these that allow so many people to have a chance at art/game development.


This is a nice humanoid. Can't wait to see more in the future.


Thank you!